A Grandfather’s Perspective On Wild Hog Hunting

You’ve heard the saying that our children are our future?  I don’t think I could agree more.  It seems that youth today are slowly getting away from going outside and hunting, playing and exploring in preference of staying indoors to play video games or texting on their phones.  I believe it’s the duty of parents and grandparents to show our youth how to be outdoors and learn to be self sufficient….hunting and gathering just as our forefathers did.  Here at the ranch we often have grandfathers and fathers who bring their children…boys and girls to learn and hunt.  They are making lifelong memories as well as teaching their children the skills of hunting.  I love being a part of those memories!  We always try to post pics of the children with their wild hog harvest on Facebook so all their friends and family can be a part of their accomplishment!

I have taken much pride in teaching my grandchildren about the great outdoors and especially hog hunting.  Some are younger and I’m in the process of teaching them the art of patience, safety and a general love of wild hog hunting.  I have a grandson who is older now but I remember when he first started coming out to the ranch.

I spent years teaching my grandson how to properly handle his weapon and how to be a responsible gun owner.  We started with his first and only BB gun to learn.  He must have been 4 years old when he got it for Christmas and he…wore…it…out.   We constantly talked about how to point the barrel away from someone, always use your safety, never put your finger on the trigger…basic gun etiquette.  The same way I taught my own son.  My grandchild has always been a cautious child and he learned pretty quickly how to use his weapon.  I even watched him correct his friend on making sure he used the safety with precision while they were out practice shooting.  That was very gratifying. 

Then one day it happened.  The day had finally come!  My grandson said PawPaw I think I’m ready to go wild hog hunting.  I was elated for this new season in his life!  What grandfather wouldn’t be?  Obviously, we have a pretty endless supply of wild hogs here in Texas and especially on the ranch.  We worked together to set up a ground blind and waited patiently for that perfect wild hog to come in.  As it happened, a small herd of Texas wild hogs came into the feeder near the ground blind.  I was proud when he said, “Let’s get that smaller hog PawPaw so we don’t waste any meat.”  That’s being a great steward of our wildlife.  He followed my lead perfectly and waited until the smaller wild hog was clear of the others and then BAM- he executed the shot perfectly.  The hog fell down where he stood.  One shot…one kill.  That’s the best kind of hunting!  My grandson was beyond excited as was I!  We high fived, laughed and hugged so hard that I actually fell out of my chair!  I couldn’t have been more proud of my grandson on his first Texas wild hog hunt!

After taking pictures of his trophy wild hog we got it back to camp and commenced to skinning and quartering the animal.  You should have heard him talking to the guys in camp about how he waited for the perfect opportunity and made the perfect shot!  He sounded like a grown man telling his story by the campfire that evening!   Now I’ll be honest here and tell you that he isn’t quite ready to skin and quarter the wild hogs just yet but he is watching the video on our homepage about how to skin and quarter wild hogs so he can be ready for the next time he goes wild hog hunting at the ranch.  He will get there!  And maybe even some day he’ll come out and work the summers with me.  The important thing is to note that he is learning how to hunt ethically and safely using the resources the good Lord gave us on this earth.  Wild hogs are very tasty and shouldn’t be wasted even though they are considered a pest by some.  Not us!  We love hunting Texas wild hogs and I look forward to years of hunting wild hogs with my grandson!

I know our hunting times together mean a lot to him as well since we still often talk about our hunts.  Since his first wild hog hunt, we have also been deer hunting and he has harvested a deer as well.  Great times!  Great memories!

Now we need to work on teaching the younger grandchildren those lessons that my grandson has learned over the years.  The oldest granddaughter is now 7 and has shown a huge interest in wild hog hunting.  It’s our business so I’m glad she has taken a shine to it.  To date, we have sat in blinds and watched wild hogs come and go using our phones to take commentary videos.  LOL, We whisper and laugh a lot.  One day she will be ready to hunt.  If I saw her more she would be ready now but we still have some safety skills to learn before she gets behind the gun to shoot her first wild hog.   

Someday soon!!  Someday soon….