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I managed to take a few~

I managed to take a few pics of the camp and shooting range…and Brice…..on the maiden voyage of our drone before I crashed it! LOLOLOL I better keep practicing!
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Indianapolis boys did it in 1 day!!!

It only took the Indianapolis boys one day to punch their wild hog tags!! Congrats!!


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Wild Hog Hunting at the Dos!!

Happy! Happy! Happy! What a great group of guys…most of them have hunted with us for years!
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Great pic!!!
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We have been BUSY at the Dos!

To say we have been busy harvesting Texas wild hogs and rams is an understatement!! But we don’t speak of the misses….lololol 😉
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#HogHunting #HogHunts #TexasHogHunts

Filling tags and making memories!!

What a great few weeks of hog hunting it’s been!  Great people to be around and great eating as well!

We have been very blessed with rain these past few weeks!  The ponds are completely full at the ranch and the Texas lakes around us have filled up as well!  Wow….that’s just almost unheard of in Texas.

Our last group got lucky and got their tags filled before the rains came last night…and filled the freezers!   Good job guys!  Hope to see ya’ll again at the Dos!!

#DosPlumas Wild Hog Skinner!

Meet the next gen wild hog skinner for Dos Plumas Ranch!

She might be little but don’t let that fool you…. her personality is FIERCE!!  I can’t wait to see her in action in a couple of years….

That’s a lot of meat hogs!!

We love seeing our hunters having a great time while filling tags at the Dos!!  Every wild hog is edible no matter what the size but this size is the perfect meat hog as far as we are concerned….and we’ve eaten A LOT of wild hogs!!!   These hunters took home a bunch of wild hog meat and will be eating on these meat hogs for quite a while!

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Way to represent!!!

The states of Minnesota and Missouri are representing!!! They’ve knocked down some quality wild hogs during their hunt! #DosPlumas
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Colorado wins!!

Dick from Colorado hit a double in the bottom of the 9th!!! Congrats on your wild hogs at the Dos!!
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Sometimes it happens….

There’s always a lot of laughing and good times at #DosPlumas…..this is no exception!

Richard got a nice kill shot…. on the blind. LOLOLOL  Sometimes it just happens!!

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