Texas Lumberjack Strikes again!

The Texas Lumberjack is a regular around these parts #DosPlumasRanch and he stopped in to get a great meat hog to fill his freezer.  He got the perfect size for eating! (We won’t talk about the other one he MISSED!!  lol ;))  Great job David!!  We can’t wait to have you back for #DoveHunting


This week’s Wild Hog Contest!

What’s your combined weight guess this week???  Maybe you can win a #DosPlumasRanch promo item!  A new contest every week!!

What’s the weight of this Texas wild hog??

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Cheyenne on her Texas Ram Hunt!

Cheyenne from the big ole’ town of Trent, Texas hunted with us and made this awesome video! You rock Cheyenne!! We can’t wait to get you back home so you can come do some videoing for us!

Take a look!

Guess the Weight Wild Hog Contest!!

It’s Monday and time for the guess the weight of the wild hog contest!  Check us out on Facebook!

Let’s make this weeks #DosPlumasRanch prize a couple of FREE koozies!!

Here’s this week’s picture to guess the weight!


Good luck everyone!!

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This Week’s Wild Hog Contest!!

So nobody guessed the correct weight of the Texas wild hog this past week!  We had several hundred guesses but no banana!!  lol  It is the opinion of the overwhelming majority to continue on with the guesses of the same wild hog until we get a winner!  So let’s do that…..

Here is a pic of the #DosPlumasRanch wild hog AND list of the prizes thus far and remember the more you “share” your posts on Facebook the more the prizes grow.  For every 10 “shares” we add another prize!

Here is what we have so far:  Guess the Weight of this Wild Hog

And here are the prizes…so far!!


Good luck everyone and have a safe holiday!

Guess the Weight of the Wild Hog Contest

As promised for every 10 “shares” on Facebook I’ll add another prize!  Keep sharing!!  You’re up to three #DosPlumasRanch promo items for this week!

You shared 22 times on Facebook so I owe two more prizes!  Here we go….

Prize #2 Koozie                                         Prize #3 Beannie

UPDATE:  Nobody guessed correctly this week!  Should we continue on or post a new pic?  Let us know!!

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Our Next Contest!! Texas Wild Hog Hunting!

So it’s Monday and that’s always the day of our new Guess the Weight of the Texas wild hog contest!  But let’s do something different this time…..

It’s still about guessing the weight…..and still about winner a free #DosPlumasRanch product….but let’s make this week a contest that grows!  For every 10 “shares” on Facebook we will add to the pot.

Let’s start with giving away a free Rtic cup!   But remember for every 10 “shares” on Facebook we add another giveaway!  There’s no limit!  Here’s a picture of this week’s giveaway….

Our signature Poppin’ Pork 12 ounce Lowball Rtic camo Tumbler!  

Good luck and remember to share on Facebook!

Hog Hunting in Texas!

Just a few more pics of some of the Texas wild hogs we harvested this weekend!  It’s been a crazy busy weekend with several different groups from Colorado!  Great job everyone!!

Check out the other pics on Facebook and also check out our free giveaway if you guess the weight of the wild hog posted every Monday!!


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Morgan from Colorado and Her First Big Game Harvest!

We met Morgan and her father last year at the Denver ISE show.  You would never know that Morgan is only 14 years old!  She is vivacious and well spoken…just a complete joy to be around. When we asked Morgan if she would tell us about her Texas wild hog hunting story jumped at the chance…Thanks Morgan!!


Morgan started hunting when she was much younger harvesting pheasants, chukka and grouse but her hunt at Dos Plumas Ranch was her first ever big game hunt.  When she decided she was ready to start using a bigger gun her goal was to ultimately go elk hunting but now tells me she loves hog hunting much more!  When I asked her why she preferred to go wild hog hunting over elk hunting she gave me 3 reasons.


  1. you don’t have to carry out your animal…we do it for you
  2. you don’t have to field dress the animal out in the field…we bring the animal back to the skinning shed therefore minimal work on her part
  3. she loves bacon!! (emphatically stated)


Well I think those are pretty good reasons!  Lol


Morgan tells me that on her first day of hunting she sat at a blind watching groups of small hogs come and go and eating corn right in front of her and she started getting impatient.  She knew the bigger hogs were much smarter and that she would have to be patient if she wanted a larger hog.  Well, she was patient and a bigger hog of 130 pounds came in.  Morgan said her heart immediately started racing which is something her dad told her would happen but surprised her.  Her first shot was behind the ear just like we told her to do and he dropped.  He tried to get up so she shot the wild hog two more times insuring the deed was done. I think Morgan did a great job and showed a lot of maturity and patience waiting for the right wild hog to show up! You go girl!!


The smile on her face says it all!  Great job!!  Morgan shot her first wild hog ever on this hunt and can’t wait to come back and try for an even bigger one!   I can honestly say we can’t wait to have her and her family back at the ranch…what a great group of guys….and young lady!!

Baptism By Fire!!


Texas Hog Hunting

Andy from Colorado got a little “baptism by fire” while hunting Texas wild hogs at the Dos!

It’s not every day that you see a first time hunter…first time harvesting an animal and first time big game hunting… jump right in!   Andy shot some great meat hogs while visiting the ranch with his friends.  When it came time to skin and quarter he was a little anxious but jumped right in elbow deep!  Most first time hunters have to have step by step guidance when it comes to the dirty work but Andy jumped right in!  When it got a little tough he had a few moments where he got a little hesitant but with a little *tough love* from Brice he pulled it off!   Now he’s got a story at the Dos!

Congrats Andy on your Texas wild hog hunt at the Dos!