Boar Brushes

Did you know that wild boar hair was used for toothbrushes until the invention of synthetic material in the 1930’s??  I can’t even imagine using a wild hog hair toothbrush!  They soon realized that the hair took too long to dry and encouraged bacteria growth.  Go figure!  However, it’s worth noting that there is at least one natural earth friendly toothbrush company out there that STILL uses wild boar hair harvested from China.   Yes…you read that correctly.

Did you know that wild boar bristle brushes have been around since the 1800’s?  It’s been used by many cultures across the globe.  It’s a natural way to create shiny hair without products.  I’m told that the boar hair contains sebum which is an anti-frizz serum as well as it lubricates your hair and seals your cuticles creating a healthy natural shine.   Famous actresses such as Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth were huge fans of using wild boar bristle brushes and for centuries women have kept a boar hairbrush by their table for daily use.  I never knew!

We found out about boar brushes about a year ago when a company contacted us about harvesting our wild boar hair.  It’s kind of a funny story if you think about it.  They wanted us to…after the hog was harvested by our hunters:

  1.   Shave the wild hog hair of all its hair
  2.   Wash the wild hog hair in a particular solution
  3.   Lay the hair out on a flat mat to allow it to naturally dry
  4. Bundle the hair in 5-pound stacks

Interesting.   We declined.  Lol    So if anyone is interested in coming out to the ranch and shaving the wild hogs that our hunters harvest just let us know.  You might be able to make a little extra money to go hunting!