Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch FAQ (Everything you wanted to know about Dos Plumas, but didn’t want to ask)

What supplies do I need to bring with me when I hunt at your ranch?
You’ll need to bring your weapon of choice and bug repellant depending on the time of the year. It’s also a good idea to bring brush pants for spotting and stalking. You’ll also need trash bags and coolers for transporting your meat, and you may want to bring drinking water. You’ll need to bring your own food and spices. We have a full kitchen available for your use but we do ask that you wash the dishes before you leave. We also provide towels and linens for our guests.

How many acres do you have?
We currently have 625 acres of thick cedar and mesquite brush to hunt. This property has elevation to it and is where we hunt the wild hogs and rams. We have other properties for our whitetail deer and turkey hunts. Our properties are not contiguous so that we don’t have to pressure the animals.

Are there any trophy fees or additional costs that I’m not seeing on your website?
Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on not having any trophy or kills fees. The last thing we want going through the hunter’s mind when they pull the trigger is “how much is this going to cost me?” We want you to have a great hunt at a fair price.

How do I book a hunt?
You can view our calendar on the website for available dates and then call us at (806) 778-5949 to schedule your hunt. We require a 50% deposit to book any hunt. If you find you need to re-schedule or cancel a hunt, you must notify Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch at least 21 days before the first day of the scheduled hunt or your deposit will be forfeited. We allow a hunt to be rescheduled one time.

What if I book a hunt and then need to cancel?
We understand that life sometimes interrupts our plans. If you book a hunt and then don’t show for the scheduled hunt, your credit card will be charged. So our best advice is to call and reschedule the hunt as soon as you know about your conflict. It will save you money and allow us the opportunity to fill your slot.

My child is under 18 years old, can he/she hunt on your ranch?
Yes. There is no age minimum to hunt in Texas and we especially enjoy having children at the ranch. However, the youth must hunt with a licensed adult. We work hard to ensure your child has a great hunt because we understand that you’re making life-long memories with you child.

What is the closest airport to your ranch?
Abilene airport is just 30 miles away from the ranch. We provide airport pick-up and drop-off for $45 a person.

Do you have someone available to take care of the animals after they’re down?
Yes, we do. We offer skinning and quartering for $25 and up per animal and skinning, caping and quartering for $50 and up an animal. You can also do this yourself as we have a skinning facility and cooler available for your use at no additional charge.

Do I need a license?
Yes, you need a license to hunt alla the animals on the ranch. We suggest that you stop at any Wal-Mart or license selling agency to purchase your license. You can also obtain these online through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

What kind of weather can I expect while hunting at your ranch?
This is Texas! It changes from day to day…some days from minute to minute… so check the forecast on our link on the homepage.

Can I bring my pet?
No. We are huge pet lovers however, not everyone who hunts with us are pet lovers. Please make other arrangements for your pets while you are hunting with us.

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