Hog Hunting Tips – Camo

One of the biggest mistakes in hunting Texas hogs that I have found new hunters make is the art of camouflage. And it’s more than just going to some of the larger clothing or hunting stores and buying camouflage. Camouflage goes way past a shirt and a pair of pants.

I’ve gotten to the point where it’s almost comical because you’ll have a guy camouflage everything but their hands and their face. Their hands and their face are what move the most. If you’re sitting down in the tree stand, you look like an owl looking around. That white, shiny face is moving all around. Their hands are scratching their nose. They might rub their ear. But that hand is moving as well. And they just don’t even realize it.

I videoed something else just the other day. I had a gentleman in that I was guiding on an oryx hunt. He was camouflaged, no face mask, no hands, but I was able to teach him how to use the cover to work his way into position without being detected. As he’s laying there his sleeves move up and he’s got this beautiful silver shiny watch right there just shining like a diamond.

He couldn’t figure out why the animals ran away. And I told him, “Brother, you look like a beacon to them. When you’re in their world, you’ve got to do things a little bit different.”

A simple ring can do it … even sunglasses. So many guys that especially are in the outdoors quite often always put their sunglasses on top of their hat when they don’t have them on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people put their sunglasses on top of their hat without even realizing it and there again, glare.

Glare and shiny objects are very important things. You can have the shirt and the pants on but that doesn’t make you invisible.

Last and most important, be still. If you don’t have a face mask or gloves, you can be still. If you really think about it, movement is what gets our attention nine times out of ten. Rarely will a person be able to scan the area and pick out the tip of an ear, or a horn or a tail or a leg, just any body part of the animal, without that animal moving first. Movement is what catches our eye and that’s exactly what catches the eye of the animal. So if a person is still then they’ll be able to get away with not having as much camouflage on than if he was moving.

So camouflage the best you can. But if you don’t have mask and gloves, by all means don’t wear jewelry or sunglasses, and be as still as you possibly can. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll see if you obey the camouflage rule.