Night Hog Hunting

Even though we currently don’t offer over nighttime hunts, hunt hogs in Texas can offer you the experience of an exciting nighttime  hog hunt, exploiting the fact that many wild hogs do much of their feeding during the nighttime hours. One of the obvious reasons hogs venture out more at night is due to the fact that they don’t sweat. This means that they overheat easily and therefore choose to be active at night in the cooler temperatures.

Because wild hogs are such smart animals, hog hunts in Texas can be often times more successful at night. You see, in addition to learning to avoid the hot sun, wild hogs have also figured out that it is in their best interest to avoid contact with humans as much as possible. This is another reason they do their feeding at night – because they have learned that a lot less people are out and about during the dark hours.

Although night hunting can be very successful, here at the Dos, it is possible to experience successful hog hunting during daylight hours. When you hunt with us, we teach you the skills necessary to have a successful daytime hunt. Our hunting packages include advice regarding the location of wild hogs (they typically tend to stay in thickly covered areas while the sun is up). You’ll also learn how to track their movement and how to use a stand and feeder.

Nighttime hog hunts can be loud and exciting because the hogs move around a lot, and they make quite a bit of noise as they feed and “talk” to each other. Some night hunts stretch well into the early morning hours!

All of our hunting packages are geared toward the working man or woman. What this means is that we do not charge kills fees, nor do we charge trophy fees. We provide the avid hunter with a wide variety of hunting packages that are affordable and tailored to each person’s preferences.

For your hog hunt here at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch, we recommend bringing: your weapon, proper camouflage, personal items such as a toothbrush, a flashlight, and an ice chest. You can also bring your own skinning knives if you wish to skin your own hogs. We do offer this service for a small additional fee.