Special Trophy Texas Hog Hunting Package

Our Whole Ranch Has Trophy Hogs but This Section is “Wall Hangers” Only

Hunting Wild Trophy Hogs at the Dos!

Wild hog hunting is known as the average guy’s grizzly bear hunt. 

  • It’s exciting.
  • It’s potentially dangerous. 
  • It’s a blast!

A trophy wild boar hunt can potentially cause you bodily harm which is what makes this hunt exciting! These hogs have lived a life in the wild fighting for everything from food to basic survival.  These beasts have experienced survival in the wild!  Wild hogs in Texas are hunted relentlessly by hunters, trappers, and helicopter which have made them very cautious and smart.  When people who aren’t familiar with hunting ask us about wild hogs I think they often think that trophy hogs are around every bush and corner and are easily harvested.  Hunting shows give you this illusion but this certainly is not the case.  They are older, wise wild animals and their lives depend on being intelligent.  I always say that if wild hogs had opposable thumbs we would be in trouble!  lol lol

We are very proud of our 100% shot opportunity on our trophy wild boars hunts!  Our trophy wild boars  have cutters capable of doing some major damage.  Many of our boars weigh 200-300+!  Take a look at this 353-pound trophy wild boar!  You can rest assured that your wild boar hanging on the wall will get lots of attention and give you a lot of opportunities to do a little braggin’!

Take a gander at some of our latest trophy boar harvests!

Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch has listened to our customers’ requests for a trophy hog pasture. We simply didn’t want to turn down any more of the requests from hunters who really wanted to secure a trophy hog for the wall.

In order to make this vision into a reality, we have been working hard over this past winter and into Spring 2017 at setting up a trophy area specifically for hunting trophy hogs.

Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is now offering a Trophy Hog Hunting Package that consists of a two-day experience where you will be hunting where the “big boys” roam. Each hunter is allowed to take home one trophy boar of his choice during his two day hunt.

  • $750
  • NO “Extra” Fees!
  • 2 days hunting / 2 nights lodging / 1 trophy wild hog
  • Additional days may be added
  • Optional extra nights lodging available at $35 person
  • Does not include meals. Kitchen in lodge available for your use.

(All Hunts Include Lodging and Ranch Transportation)

Texas Hunting Packages — General Information

Our lodge offers our hunters spacious accommodations with a full kitchen. A skinning facility and cooler box is also available to our hunters. All you need is your weapon to hunt.

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Do I need a license?

Yes, you need a license to hunt all the animals on the ranch. We suggest that you stop at any Wal-Mart or license selling agency to purchase your license. You can also obtain these online through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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