Signs of Hogs

Texas wild hogs aren’t really given much respect but in reality are a very intelligent animal. Hunting wild hogs can be a challenging hunt but also a very productive hunt if you know the signs to look for as well as techniques to outsmart the wild hogs.

What does a Texas wild hog track look like?

  • A wild hog track is similar to a whitetail deer track except that Texas wild hogs tracks are more rounded and wider.

Wild hogs leave behind a lot of evidence to indicate their presence, especially at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch.   What are some examples of wild hog sign?

  • Wallow A wallow is a muddy or wet area the wild hogs use to roll around and coat their skin with mud to protect themselves from bugs as well as cool off. Wild hogs have to stay cool during the hot Texas months, making night hog hunting a good option, and can often be found around watering holes. Wild hogs often leave behind hair and debris as they roll making it very obvious they have been in the area.
  • Rooting Rooting is a very common hog sign. A wild hog can root the soil to make it look as though it has been plowed for planting. This is a primary reason most farmers in Texas do not like the wild hogs in their area.
  • Rubs Rubs are left behind when a Texas wild hog scratches himself on a fence post, tree or pole and leave behind mud or hair as evidence that he has been there. The height of the rub is a perfect way to tell the size of the wild hogs in the area and give you a better idea of their most recent activity.
  • Game trails   Looking for game trails or tracks is also a great way to search out the wild hogs your hunting. Game trails show wild hog activity and is a good place to start your scouting and set up a place to hunt.   Is the game trail covered in grasses? If so, they may not use the trail any longer. Is the trail well worn? If so, it’s very likely the wild hogs use this path regularly.
  • Scat or wild hog droppings   This might seem a pretty obvious sign but many hunters, especially first time hunters might overlook this evidence of wild hogs in the area.

Hopefully, this information can help you to be better prepared to successful hunt the illusive Texas wild hog. Here at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch you will find all this evidence on the ranch. Texas wild hog hunting is our specialty and we are known for having an exceptionally high success rate. Check us out online and if you have any questions about hunting wild hogs at the ranch give us a shout at 806-778-5949. Allen and Brice are avid hunters and especially enjoy talking about Texas hog hunting!