Buffalo Hunting in Nebraska

We have 2 North American Bison hunts available in northwest Nebraska in the historic Pine Ridge area. Both are all inclusive and must be taken before April 2013.

Hunt #1 includes a trophy 12 year old mature male 2250+ pounds.
Trophy + meat $5000.
Trophy only $2500

Hunt #2: includes a 1200+ pound 3 year old male
Trophy and meat $2500

If you’re interested in one of these hunts please contact Allen at 325-665-9450 or 308-327-2205.

See you at the Denver ISE!

Forgot to mention….

Anyone interested in Nebraska hunting should contact Allen…not Brice. Brice handles all the wild hog and ram hunting in Texas.
Allen’s cell is 325-665-9450.
Look forward to seeing you!

Finally! Our first day at the new Dos….

Well, we made it…we finally got everything moved into the new ranch, the lodge set up and stocked and the most important thing…..the ranch loaded down with hogs and rams. Phew!
In the next few days we’ll have the new website tweeked and ready for upload. Thanks so much for your patience during the time.

Blessings to everyone!
Allen and Lori

Hunting! It’s not just for boys!

Kennedy, her father and their pastor came to the Dos to take advantage of the great pricing on the ram and hog hunts. A few days ago I received an email from them….what a great surprise! We are VERY proud to have been a part of her memories! Read below….

Hi Ed-
After reading your column in the Daily Oklahoman this week and noticing the request for pictures, I have enclosed a picture of my nine year old daughter, Kennedy Martin of Altus proudly posing with her first solo hunting success.

Kennedy, our Pastor David Player and I recently traveled down to Texas to Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch located near Abilene for Kennedy’s first chance at a solo harvest. After a short stalk, Kennedy made an absolutely perfect shot at 80 yards, resulting in one jubilant little girl jumping high in the air in victory, complete with pigtails bouncing and high fives all around. It was a pretty spectacular end to a very memorable two day hunting trip.

I’m very proud of her and particularly thrilled that my little princess is developing a true love for the outdoors. As Pastor Dave put it, she’s our little Warrior Princess!

Kevin Martin
Altus, Oklahoma

Kennedy's First Solo Harvest

Another Round of Discounted Exotics Hunts??!!

You betcha!

2 Days Hunting/2 nights lodging/1 hard horned exotic animal for $1200…no harvest or trophy fees! No surprises!

Check it out…..https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/about/dos-plumas-ranch-is-moving/