Another interesting fact about Texas wild hogs…..

Though we state that the “average litter size” for a feral sow is 4 to 6, this really depends on the breed of the feral hog and the food supply availability. Feral Sow which have just escaped or those that retain much of their domestic breeding will have visibly larger litters. Another noted interesting fact about the breeding/raising practices of wild hogs is that wild sows perform babysitting duties. Litters from many sows can will be watched over and suckled by one sow while the others are off feeding. This accounts for the sometimes very large number of babies spotted with just one sow.

It’s been a great November!

Hog hunting on the Texas ranch has been awesome…lots of good times and lots of wild Texas hogs down!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Time really does fly…I hope that’s not a side effect of my advancing age!  lol   It’s hard being a perpetual 39 year old!

In addition to hog and ram hunting on the Texas ranch, we’ve been busy building a lodge in Nebraska.  We are loaded with mule and whitetail…also turkey.  We’re going to develop the place for chukar and pheasants as well.   It’s exciting to watch the new place develop!  We do postings of the progress on Facebook so “like us” on our homepage and you can watch what’s happening on the Texas ranch as well as the Nebraska ranch.

Blessings to you and your family!  Enjoy the holidays and stay safe….Lori

Last Minute Open Dates!

We are generally swamped this time of year with whitetail deer hunts but as many of you already know we canceled our deer hunts for this year due to the drought. Wild hogs thrive during this time and we’ve harvested some stout and healthy hogs this year thanks to the mesquite bean harvest and the protein we’ve been feeding.

Since we canceled our deer hunts it’s opened up many dates in November and December for hog and ram hunting. So if you’ve been thinking about hog hunting…check us out! HOGS R US! LOL…
You can click on this link to view available dates on our calendar.

Remember NO trophy or kill fees…NO surprises or gimmicks. $250/bow and $300/rifle plus tax hog hunts.

It’s fun AND affordable….
Thanks everyone!
Allen and Lori

(PS…go Texas Rangers!!)