What a day we had!!

It’s an 11 wild hog kind of day at the #Dos!  Everyone had a blast and filled those freezers!

Click to see even more pics of our harvests! https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/



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The Martinez family!

The Martinez family braved the second Texas winter storm of the season and cleaned up with the wild hogs!  What’s up with this weather??
Click here to see more pics! https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/
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Happy Tuesday from the Dos!

This is Dos Plumas Ranch wishing you a happy Tuesday! And…..
This is what one day’s worth of wild hog hunting looks like! 😉
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What a crazy snow storm!

Our hunters braved this crazy Texas snowstorm and still managed to put down some wild hogs!!
Click here to see more of our harvests!
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Last minutes dates available text blast….

We get a lot of hunters asking about our last minute dates, cancellations or specials…is this you?
If so, text the word HUNTING to 816-80 to sign up for our text blasts!
We will be sending out a new blast soon and the slots will go fast!

A campfire at the ranch…. #Memories

Enjoying last night’s campfire at the ranch….nothing like a good campfire to relax the soul.

#HogHunts #HogHunting #BoarHunts

Now that’s A LOT of Texas wild hog meat!

Now that’s A LOT of Texas wild hog meat!
Have you take a look at all our pics at the ranch? Click here! https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/
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Who has Texas wild hogs?!

#DosPlumasRanch does!!   LOLOLOL

We have had some awesome hunters on the ranch this past week!  Two of them hunted trophy boar….with their bow….and I believe one of them has quite an adventure to tell!

Great job everyone!  Way to tag out!!
Take a look at ALL the pics of Texas wild hogs and rams! https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/
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Slow down guys!!

Slow down guys!!!
It only took one day to tag out on four Texas wild hogs at the Dos for this archery father/son super duo team!  This is the second group in a row to tag out early!  But keep in mind you don’t have to leave the ranch after you tag out….hang out and enjoy the ranch!  Maybe take in a bit of target practice on the range or play some horseshoes!
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Congrats Jarrod!

Next on the runway we have Brice modeling the prize for Guess the Weight of the Wild Hog contest….Congrats! Jarrod Shelton!!! PM me your address and we’ll get your new RTIC cup on it’s way!!
Thanks for being a good sport Brice!!

#HogHunts #WildHogHunts #WildHogHunting