That’s a lot of meat hogs!!

We love seeing our hunters having a great time while filling tags at the Dos!!  Every wild hog is edible no matter what the size but this size is the perfect meat hog as far as we are concerned….and we’ve eaten A LOT of wild hogs!!!   These hunters took home a bunch of wild hog meat and will be eating on these meat hogs for quite a while!

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This is a first for #DosPlumas!

Well this is a first! The boys from Missouri had a bet on who shot the wild hog with the longest tail! Congrats Travis on winning the pot with a wild hog tail of 16 inches! It would have been a close race if that hog didn’t have long hair on the end of its tail! lolololol
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Texas Wild Hog Contest!!

Check out our Facebook page to sign up for YOUR FREE Texas wild hog hunt!  BUT you have to follow the directions or it won’t register on our end!

Here are the rules and they must be followed exactly! Dont miss out on your chance!
Carefully Follow the 2 steps below to enter:
1.) GOOGLE SEARCH FOR “TEXAS HOG HUNTING” and scroll down and CLICK ON OUR WEBSITE tagline “Hog Hunting in Texas – The Best in Texas Hog Hunting!”
2.) Once your on our homepage, Scroll down towards the BOTTOM of the page and FILL OUT THE FORM.
3.) Win a FREE Hog Hunt… (Hopefully).
It’s simple and no gimmicks or hidden costs in this….just a true blue Texas wild hog hunt giveaway. Ya’ll have been good to us so we want to give back!!

When your wife out-hunts you!

What a great group of folks from Wisconsin!  We appreciate you coming back to hunt Texas wild hogs with us again!  You are always welcome at our campfire…..

Now doesn’t this picture just say “When your wife out-hunts you”???  lololol

Dan we hope you come back when it’s time to fill the freezer again!

Kyla what a great trophy!!!!!  You are now an official Texas wild hog huntress!!!!

Way to go Ashton!

Ashton came with his father to do a little Texas wild hog hunting and had a great time!  He missed his first wild hog…and got his hat shot at the end of his hunt by all his hunting buddies….but he also managed to bag a nice little wild hog trophy to take home.  He and his dad made some memories!!  Isn’t that what it’s all about??


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