If the Nebraska guys are cold……

Holy cow where did this cold front come from??!!
The Nebraska guys are trying to stay warm while David works on getting the new hunting rig set up!  
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Guess the Weight of the Wild Hog Contest

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More interesting facts…

We’ve had a great week at the Dos with plenty of hogs down!

For those of you who participated in the raffle to benefit Cooper and help out with his therapy we will be doing the drawing tomorrow! Stay tuned….

Until then, did you know that Texas alone has over 2,000,000 (million!) wild hogs?

Oh Yeah…………….

Take a look at this whitetail. Just got this whitetail deer pic out of the camera this morning…Yes, I realize the date is wrong. I don’t ever bother with the settings.
I’m pump about deer hunting at the Dos!


What a small world!

Brad and Chris came to us after doing a general search on the website for Texas Hunting Ranches…we sure are glad they chose us out of the thousands they could have gone to!

As it turns out, Chris and Brad both hold Lt. Colonel positions in the military…Chris at Ft. Wainright, AK and Brad at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. We always enjoy having military personnel at the ranch but these two locations have a special place in my heart.

Congrats on a great buffalo and an awesome hog!  It’s an honor to have one of the Dos buffalo’s hanging on your wall in your Alaska cabin.
It was truly an honor to have met both of you.   Thanks for your efforts and thank you even more for your service to our country.
God bless and stay safe!

*More pics coming soon!*

Whitetail Deer Season at the Dos!

We’re gearing up and things are looking good for whitetail season! We’re really excited to get started. Bow season starts the first weekend in October….come on cool weather!
But if Whitetail isn’t your game…exotics and wild hogs are year round!

Whitetail rates are the same as the past three years….

Bow $200/day/2 day minimum

$1350 3-Day Hunt With 2 Meals Daily
You may harvest 1 buck (8-points or better), 1 doe and 1 hog
Call 325-665-9450 to reserve your spot
before they are gone!

Have an awesome season everybody and God bless!