All this Texas rain!!!

We have had some crazy rain this Spring which means full ponds and lots of Texas wild hogs being harvested! #BarBQTexasStyle

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#HogHunts #HogHuntsInTexas #BoarHunts

Chloe’s in beast mode!!

#Beast Chloe managed to down a Texas wild hog *and* a wild ram….WITH HER BOW! Her first hunt ever and she managed to do it all with her bow…..WOW! And take a look at these pics….she has NO FEAR!!
#HogHunts #HogHunting #HogHuntingInTexas #TexasHogHunt

Colorado is in the house! The #Dos ranch house!

Our Colorado bow hunters are having a good hunt at the #Dos! 100% recovery!
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#HogHunts #HogHunting #BoarHunts #BoarHunting 

This might just be a first for us!

This is something we haven’t encountered for quite a while…if ever! Tracked down the wild hog and a found a rattler laying beside him! Makes for a great pic!



#HogHunting #HogHunts #HogHuntsInTexas

Woooo-eeee! We’ve been busy these last couple of weeks!

I’ve been out of pocket these last couple of weeks so I haven’t posted a lot BUT *don’t worry*  we have been whackin’ and stackin’ Texas wild hogs the entire time! #GreatHunts

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#HogHunts #HogHunting #TexasHogHunts

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Another great group!

Always a great group of guys to have in camp! They’re starting off their annual wild hog hunting trip to the #Dos on a high note!

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#HogHunting #HogHunts #HogHuntsInTexas

Miss Jaden does the job!!!

Congrats to Miss Jaden on her very first harvest of a big game animal AND on top of that she did it with a BOW!  #Impressive!  
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#HogHunting #BoarHunts #PigHunts

Great group!

Bobbi Joe, Dalton and Jeff had a great hunt and saw plenty of Texas wild hogs! Congrats Bobbi and Dalton on harvesting your first wild hogs!!!! Look forward to seeing ya’ll next year!
#HogHunts #HogHunting #BoarHunts

Thank you for serving!!

Now that’s a big ole pile of wild hogs!
We have been blessed with yet another great group of guys….Marines from all over this great USA coming together for their annual wild hog hunt!
***Thank you for serving our country!! ***
#TexasHogHunting #TexasHogHunts #BoarHunts