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Another great group!

Always a great group of guys to have in camp! They’re starting off their annual wild hog hunting trip to the #Dos on a high note!

Click here to see more pics of our hunters https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/

#HogHunting #HogHunts #HogHuntsInTexas

A little action!

A little 50 cal action on the shooting range at the #Dos!!


#HogHunts #HogHunting #TexasHogHunts

We’ve done it again!!!

We are always striving to make the #Dos even better for our hunters! We added to the hunting lodge again this weekend…take a look!  Attention all #Grillers !!!
#HogHunts #HogHunting #HogHuntsInTexas

The entire group!

Great picture guys!!  Thanks for the #Hogzilla shirts!!

Our friends from the North…..

Time Martin and his group are always a lot of fun to have around….they are hunting BEASTS!!

Thanks again for bringing all the pics from your years of hunting wild hogs at the Dos.  Those were great!

Check out their huge haul on the gallery page  at  dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery 

See ya’ll soon!  Safe travels home….

#HogHunts #HogHunting #WildHogHunting #Pig Hunts


Mark from Illinois is hunting Texas wild hogs!!!

And I think he’s happy to be here!  #Dos #GoodTimes

#HogHunting #BoarHunts #WildHogHunting

The “new” Tacoma is working out great!

The “new” Tacoma got a good workout today on it’s first day out and “rides easy like a caddie and has plenty of room” according to Brice! It hauled a total of 15 Texas wild hogs just today! Great job guys!
As always click here to see more pics of Tim Martin and his group…good to have ya’ll back again this year!
#HogHuntsInTexas #HogHuntingInTexas #BoarHunts

If the Nebraska guys are cold……

Holy cow where did this cold front come from??!!
The Nebraska guys are trying to stay warm while David works on getting the new hunting rig set up!  
#HogHunts #HogHunting #WildHogHunts

Good to see our friends again!

Minnesota and Colorado are representing at the #Dos! Always good to see our friends coming back to hunt Texas wild hogs again!
Click here to see more pics at the ranch! https://www.dosplumashuntingranch.com/hog-hunting-gallery/
#WildBoarHunts #WildHogHunting #HogHuntingInTexas