Another great return group of hunters!

Another group of great repeat hunters having a couple of busy nights at the skinning shed! And they didn’t forget about Brice’s birthday! Ya’ll are awesome!
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Welcome back Colorado!

They’re here again!  😉  Colorado guys are working on tagging out on their Ram/Wild Hog combo hunts! These guys are awesome to have in camp! Ya’ll are welcomed back anytime!!

Check out the gallery for more pics of our Colorado friends and other hunters as well!


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Hmmmmm…..I wonder about this this….

This pic was sent to me by one of our hunters…… It’s crazy if you think about it but it also explains A LOT!!  What do ya’ll think?  Truth?  Fiction?



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Finishing up their hunt in style!

Nebraska finished up their hunt with full tags! Great job guys! See ya’ll next time!!
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What do you think??

At Dos Plumas we see all kinds of hunters. Some come with every new gadget available on the market and some come with the bare necessities. We recently had a discussion with our hog hunters regarding scent control and I wanted to get your take on it.
My question is: Are you “new age” or “old school” when it comes to scent control? Is it really necessary??
If you check us out on fb you will see that there are many points of view and it’s a hot topic!
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#DosPlumas Ranch Prize

For this week’s contest let’s give away a Poppin’ Pork RTIC cup! So check us out on Facebook and Guess the Weight for your chance to win!!

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