More interesting facts…

We’ve had a great week at the Dos with plenty of hogs down!

For those of you who participated in the raffle to benefit Cooper and help out with his therapy we will be doing the drawing tomorrow! Stay tuned….

Until then, did you know that Texas alone has over 2,000,000 (million!) wild hogs?


Another interesting fact about Texas wild hogs…..

Though we state that the “average litter size” for a feral sow is 4 to 6, this really depends on the breed of the feral hog and the food supply availability. Feral Sow which have just escaped or those that retain much of their domestic breeding will have visibly larger litters. Another noted interesting fact about the breeding/raising practices of wild hogs is that wild sows perform babysitting duties. Litters from many sows can will be watched over and suckled by one sow while the others are off feeding. This accounts for the sometimes very large number of babies spotted with just one sow.