Brandon — thanks, man for everything.

You are a hard worker and experienced and in just a little more time you’ll have the ranch memorized like Allen inch by inch! Good luck to you and hope to see on our next trip!

To Potential Hunters — If you never have hunted at Dos Plumas, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. There is plenty of game, everyone treats you like family and Lori is the best cook ever. The entire set up is amazing and after one day of hunting you’ll know the hard work that has been poured into this operation. I have hunted here for three years now and will continue to come out every year. By the time your hunt is over, you’ll be planning another, so if your debating, don’t — grab your weapon and head on over to Dos Plumas!

Thanks Again — We Love You Guys!

—Brandon Farrar & Sara Baker, October 23, 2008

Even after reading dozens of reviews about Dos Plumas Ranch, I still had some doubts.

Since returning home, all of those doubts have been laid to rest. “Where you are treated like family” is an understatement. All the statements about Allen and Lori being such great and cool people can’t be explained until you experience it for yourself. I was invited into their home, ran errands with them during down time, learned about hunting ranch life, and enjoyed their company more than words can say. Then there’s Brandon….( a.k.a. “THE GUIDE”). He’s more amusing than a barrel of monkeys, knows about the animals / land, and has a great love of politics. These folks TRULY CARE about their clients. They are not money hungry, greedy, “let’s get ’em out of here as quickly as possible” people. Again, words cannot say enough.

Then there’s the hunt. I was there for the exotics. I saw multiple numbers of fallow, axis, blackbuck and different species of rams. They also have aoudads, more deer species and hogs EVERYWHERE you look. This is a HUNT, not a “petting zoo.” The animals are WILD and have to be hunted. They have multiple feeders set up and spotting / stalking was also a great way to see animals. The land is not at all as I expected. It’s thick, dense, full of cover, and truly a challenge.

I arrowed a GIANT axis buck. Being a big, tough animal, and maybe not hitting him as expected, i called in the cavalry. Allen, Brandon, and Annie the dog helped me track blood and follow trails in pursuit of my trophy.

If you are looking for a great hunt with a LOT of animals at great prices and some awesome hospitality, then Dos Plumas is your place. I PROMISE i will go back A.S.A.P. and will be taking my little step-son to let him take a ram and hog.

Don’t miss out on a WONDERFUL experience. I promise you will NOT be let down.

—Clay Gilbert, Anna, TX, November 22, 2008

Hi Allen.

On behalf of myself and my son Todd, we want to thank you for a wonderful time. You went way out of your way to make this a memorable hunt. We had a long drive 18 hours and it seem like forever BUT going home went quickly as when one of us wasn’t snoozing we relived all the excitement of the hunt. We saw game everywhere from rams, fallow deer, exotics and to “sleeping” hogs. Your lodge is great and has everything you would need.

REMEMBER: Neither sleet, snow or rain keeps Wisconsin hunters from staying out all day! We are already planning for next year. Keep up the good work and see ya again.

Thanks again,

—Tom and the Mohican, January 18, 2009

Hi there Allen and Lori,

Just a little note to let you know how we enjoyed our ram and hog hunt, at the Dos Plumas Ranch. I have nothing but compliments for you two on the way you manage and hunt your ranch, and the way that you treat the people that come to hunt with you is remarkable. My son and I feel like Roger catered to us to make our hunting trip enjoyable and memorable. The lodge we stayed in was very comfortable and accommodating. My son and I are looking forward to coming back next year for another hunt, and with a longer stay. Be in touch with you soon with the details of our next hunt with ya’ll in 2010. Thanks again, your new best friend from Colorado.

—Jon Seriani Texas name Senior Wackum and son big Wackum

I had some of the best times of my life at your ranch.

I shot a nice small pig and my cousin Cody shot a decent sized boar. What a thrill, my first bow-kill was taken at the ranch. It was great. Thanks for the great times and experience we had at your place Allen and Lori. I will never forget it, you run a top notch outfit! YES SIR! LOL He will teach you some Texan lingo and shall I call “Secrets” (that’s all I will say about that subject haha). Seriously, game and hogs are everywhere, but they are not easy to hunt, this is not a canned hunt. Those hogs were harder to stalk and get a shot on than the moose I have hunted. You get treated like family there, it’s awesome. I can’t wait to get back down there soon and work for you, brother. Thanks a lot, Allen and Lori, who by the way has the best damn cooking out there, bar none. See you soon. YES SIR! YES SIR!

—Lance Miller, Anchorage, Alaska

Allen and Lori,

Thank you so much for sharing your dream (Dos Plumas) with JP and me. I had so much fun! I could type for and hour and still not be able to describe how neat the experience was. All I can say is if you’re reading this, and you’re within 1000 miles of Dos Plumas … it’s a no-brainer! If you live further you still should check it out. So many animals, lots of space, terrain, no complaints. As a beginning hunter it was a great chance to observe lots of wildlife, practice spot and stalk and harvest some great looking animals. Allen you really know your craft. Thanks for the instruction on cleaning/skinning our animals, not so nervous about it now. Thanks again for everything! We will try to make it back in the fall.


Allen and Lori,

If y’ll get a chance, read the story under “Best Outfitters” on the website. I can not say enough about how great a time we all had with you guys this last weekend. Allen, your knowledge of your property and the time and care you take to make sure the animals have what they need is superior to any I have met. You treated us strangers as if we were family and that in itself is a rarity these days with everyone in the business more concerned about the money end of it vs the good time had by their customers. To which, at no time did I feel like one. You did what you could to get me on an Axis, but hey, that’s why it is called hunting and not killing. Like we both talked about with my buddy in Idaho, it’s not all about coming home with an animal but the friendships made and the great times had by all. That animal is just a bonus. Lori, your home cooking leaves nothing to be desired. It was excellent and I came away stuffed every time. My son loves the chocolate cake also. Thanks, LOL Anyways, like I said to you that day, I saw more animals in 2 days with you than I have on any other ranch I have hunted since being here in TX and that is the truth. I am already looking forward to coming back. I’ll get that axis one way or another. It may take me a few trips but I’ll get-er-done and trust me a few trips ain’t a bad idea either. Y’all take care and be safe.

—Gary Scheel

Allen –

We had a great time. Thanks also for the postcard – nice touch! We found your ranch to be a great hunt for the money. In my experienced opinion, the best bowhunting packages for the money in Texas! We got two nice pigs, one rattlesnake, one turtle, one raccoon, and lots of bass! Thanks for running a solid operation.

—Michael Sanderson

As usual, Lori and your hospitality is second to none!

Please tell Lori “Thank You” so much for the fine meals again for me. Chris and I had a real good time and are planning another hunt some time next spring. Your kindness to everyone is an asset to the management process of your ranch. I am truly honored to have met you and Lori and will continue to return when I can. Thank you for everying.

—James Bell (Jim)

My lasting memory …

The quiet walk to the stand in the dark; the sun rising on a crisp and clear morning; the sounds of the feeder going off just before dawn; my son with so much excitement and a constant grin; and finally, the deer becoming visible in the high brush all around us. All your senses are alive as you swivel your head around glassing everything and counting the points and eventually finding a 12 pointer. Wow, those are memories that will stay fresh in my mind forever. It’s during these times that you forget about everything else and enjoy time with a singular focus, savoring each moment.

This, my son’s first whitetail hunt, will always be the best. Allen and Lori, thank you for sharing your ranch and making this memory for us.

Warm regards,
—David Wilson