About Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch

About Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch


Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is family owned and operated.

Allen spent most of his life (45+ years) paying too much for hunting and seeing landowners take advantage of their hunters.  For years he dreamed of having a hunting ranch where honesty, quality hunting and fair pricing was the norm.   For a long time we would talk about what we wanted in a ranch and what we didn’t want.  By the time we stepped out on faith to open Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch we knew our motto…”The Working Man’s Ranch.” 

In 2003, we began looking for the perfect piece of hunting land and after a year of searching we finally realized our dream and opened Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch in northwest Texas.  Allen always said that his biggest complaint about hunting were the surprise costs you encountered once you go to where you were hunting so he was determined to be what he calls “completely transparent.”   His idea of honesty and no hidden fees or mandatory costs once you get to the ranch has paid off well.   Allen has grown the ranch every year since it began.  In fact, the concept has become so popular that 65+% of our hunters return to hunt again and again at Dos Plumas Ranch which is exceptional in the hunting world.   Quite a few of our hunters have hunted wild hogs with us for over 10 years! 

Allen can’t take all the credit here.  God has blessed Allen and Lori over the years with an outstanding hunting ranch not to mention the energy and dedication it takes to run the daily operations.  But in 2007 we met Brice.  He came to hunt with us and soon became our full time Ranch Manager.  Brice came to us as a young man full of integrity and a huge love of hunting.  Today as a grown man with a family, our hunters appreciate his professionalism and his desire for every hunter to have a successful hunt.  And we can’t forget about our son Josh.  He was living at home when we started our dream and skinned many wild hogs for our hunters.  At the time he couldn’t wait to grow up and leave the ranch so he joined the Army.  These days, he and now his family… can’t wait to get back to the ranch on a monthly basis to help out!

Collectively, our goal at Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is to provide every hunter who comes through our gates with a healthy dose of Texas hospitality and a quality hunt at a fair price.  No gimmicks, No Surprise Charges - Just great hunting. 

Remember it’s all about making those memories! 

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