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Texas premiere wild hog hunting ranch! We offer affordable, quality hog hunting, deer and ram hunts to the average working guy. "The Working Man's Ranch"


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What's Happening at the Dos

Texas Hog Hunting at it's Best!

Where we treat you like family... not a number
Hog hunting in Texas as well as ram hunts can be hunted year-round, therefore, offering hunters opportunities to get out and test their skills any time of the year!

Every hunter can tailor their hog hunt according to their specific needs but when you hunt at Dos Plumas Ranch … All you need is your weapon!

We tell everyone "Our success depends on your success." By the time you leave our ranch, you'll know how much effort we put into trying to make your hunt a successful hunt and how much we appreciate your business. If you're still not convinced to hunt with us, check out our testimonial tab from our past hunters.

Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is located 30 miles west of Abilene on the edge of the Edward's Plateau west Texas.

The 'Working Mans Ranch' is Family Owned and Operated

Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is geared towards the working man or woman and offers affordable, quality rifle and bow hunts with absolutely no kill or trophy fees of any kind. Our ranch in northwest Texas is located 30 miles west of Abilene, Texas in the thick cedar rolling hills on the edge of the Edward’s Plateau. We offer a variety of hunting packages that can be individually tailored to meet every hunter's needs. Check out our hunting packages for:

  • Texas Ram and Wild Hog Hunts
  • Wild Feral Hogs
  • Rams – Angora, Black Hawaiian, Four Horned Goat, Texas Doll, Painted Desert, Barbadoe, or Corsican
Hog Skinning Video

What to expect on a Dos Plumas Texas Hog Hunt

You can expect to be greeted with Texas hospitality!

Our hunters arrive at the ranch between 5pm and 9pm the night before their hog hunting begins. We give you plenty of time to settle into the 4 bedroom/4 bathroom bunkhouse complete with a full kitchen, air conditioning and even indoor plumbing! Before we head over to the office to go over the hog hunting ranch guidlines and sign your release form. This is also where we give you helpful advice about wild hog movement and shot placement to better insure less tracking time. Most of our hunters head on over to the campfire ring, hang out at the skinning shed sharing in the success of other hunters or practice their marksmanship on the archery/rifle range.

Your hog hunting starts bright and early the next am when we take you out in the ranch truck to your stand. You get to watch the beautiful west Texas sunrise while anticipating the arrival of the wild hogs under your feeder. We then pick you up at a designated time bringing your animals back with you to the skinning shed. For those do-it-yourself types we give you the option of skinning out your own hog and storing it in our cooler OR you can have the ranch manager skin and quarter for $25-$50 depending on the size of the hog. Just tell Brice and he’ll get your hog ready for the cooler in no time at all!

Now is the time that most hunters enjoy a bite to eat…either cooking in the kitchen or going into town to enjoy some of our local Tex-Mex food or a famous chicken house restaurant that has been around since before I was born! Bring your appetite on this one…they serve over 14 side dishes PLUS fried chicken…all you can eat. (Just don’t tell Brice you’re going…he’ll want to tag along!) For the competitive types we offer a friendly game of horseshoes or you can practice on the range. You can even walk out to spot and stalk for hogs during the mid-day hours.

Later in the afternoon your energy level should be soaring as we take you out again for the evening hog hunt. This is generally when most of the action happens. Hog hunting in Texas can get very active in the evening! We really enjoy hearing the stories the hunters tell when we pick up at dark. Wild hogs are loud and active! Those stories get even wilder when we have to hunt later into the night during the warmer months. This is where a flashlight comes in handy.

Most of our hog hunters hunt 2-3 days. By the end of the last day of your hog hunting experience you should have a full cooler to ice down for your travel home. At the end of your last day’s hunt you are scheduled to leave (if you don’t tag out early and decide to head home with your full cooler of wild hog meat) but you are welcomed to stay an extra night in the lodge because we have plenty of room in the bunkhouse for $35 a person.

Here’s a short list of what you should bring to enjoy your hog hunting with Dos Plumas Ranch.

  • Your weapon - Remember we have a range where you can site in your gun or check your accuracy of your bow.
  • A non-resident guest will need a "Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting" license (usually $48) CLICK FOR MORE INFO.  Texas residents just need a regular hunting license. Active duty can get a free license. Licenses can be purchased ONLINE or at any WalMart in Texas.
  • Camouflage - Yes, you need camo! Wild hogs are very smart animals. Check the weather icon on the homepage of dosplumashuntingranch.com to see how to pack. It can be cold one minute and hot the next in Texas. Be prepared with the right type of camo.
  • Your personal items - You’ll need soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. We provide the basic linens such as sheets, towels, pillows and blankets.
  • Flashlight - Occasionally hog hunting carries over into the night when the weather gets warm. Plus you’ll need a flashlight if we have to track your animals
  • Skinning knives - Only if you choose a do-it-yourself hunt. We have electric hoists to help you do the heavy work and have a walk-in cooler to use during your hog hunting.
  • Ice chest - We have a 90% success rate so you will likely leave the ranch with plenty of wild hog meat after your hog hunting time at the ranch. Just ice your meat down for your drive home.
  • Trash bags - Only to put your meat into after it’s skinned and quartered. It helps keep the meat clean. Plus you might want extra bags for dirty clothes.

As always, we want you to be successful and have a great time while hog hunting at the ranch. It’s about making memories so bring your friends or children! Then go back home and look online to see your wild hog hunting harvest pictures on our website!

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