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Torrey Kramer

Torrey Kramer

Dec. 2021 - Ferryville, WI

This was my first pig hunt and I got to do it with my dad. Dos Plumas Hunting Ranch is amazing in every way. We are headed back next year with more friends that will be introduced to pig hunting. Thank you Alan and Josh, you have made this a lifelong yearly for us.

Aaron Haack

Aaron Haack

January 1 2022 - Blair Ne

I have been to the Dos twice and have a third trip schedule. This ranch is second to none. The quality and quantity of hogs and rams was jaw dropping. Allen is no stranger to hard work and it shows. He has built an amazing ranch and surrounded himself with amazing people. A huge thank you to Allen, his wife, and the guys at the Dos. These are great memories that will last a lifetime! Keep up the good work Allen! We will see you again soon. Thanks again!

Jim Morovits

Dec 2021 - Eastman wi

I have absolutely nothing bad to sat about the Dos. Great people and a very nice place to stay. Lots and lots of hogs to choose from. Josh is amazing... always on time and always willing to give advise... AWESOME EXPERIENCE!! SEE YA NEXT DECEMBER.

Jacob Graybeal

Jacob Graybeal

December 2021 - Elizabethton TN

The folks at Dos Plumas greeted us Tennesseans with an amount of unmatched hospitality making us feel right at home for the duration of our stay. In addition to such a welcoming environment the facilities were well kept and the volume of hogs nearly guaranteed you multiple shot opportunities. By far a 10/10 and we will definitely be back at Dos Plumas.

Curt Schulz

December 2021 - Wausau, Wi

Simply amazing hunting experience. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks especially to Alan, may God continue to bless you and yours.

Brad Schwanz

Brad Schwanz

Winter 2021 - Chili, Wi

We had an absolute blast poppin' pork at Dos Plumas!! There is a wide range of hog sizes and the abundance of hogs is unreal! To add to a phenomenal hunting experience is a wonderful host, Allen and Lori! Their hard work and commitment is evident everywhere you look. We will be back, and hopefully remember the cheese curds!

Daren Bohannan

Daren Bohannan

Fall 2021 - Athens Illinois

Hard to put into words the experience that this ranch provided for our group of 8 hunters. We had a range of hunting experience And everyone had a blast and killed some hogs. We will be back!!!

marvin smith

fall 2021 - sun city, AZ

Allen, Josh, and Lori thank you for a wonderful experience. Been in hunting camps all my life. Some professional and some just good ol boy camps. Allen has provided the best of both worlds. Good hunting, and a great camp to relax and shoot the bull. No cost or season on bull. Ya better get that bucket empty while ya can. You wont be sorry!!!

Guy King

Guy King

Fall 2021 - Trent Tx

My first ever Hogg hunt. Everything was great, the lodge was clean & comfortable. The Hogg hunting was action packed every time we went out. Everything was as Allen said in the meeting when we first arrived at the ranch. Josh was our guide he was polite, professional and extremely helpful in every way. I would give Dos Plumas Ranch 5 stars. I am ready to go back. Thank you all for the great experience

Donald E. Snyder

October 2021 - Colorado Springs, CO

Wow! Driving into the ranch Everything neat and orderly. No trash laying around everything super clean. Accommodations excellent. My son and I were each successful at harvesting 2 hogs apiece. This is a first class plus operation. I spent 30 plus years as a guide and outfitter. Enjoy having someone else handle all of that now. All ready booked next hunt. Thanks Allen for the memories. Looking forward to next hunt at Dos Plumas.

Larry Gilliam

Larry Gilliam

September 2021 - Indianapolis In

Just wrapped up my 4th hunt at Dos Plumas. I had an excellent time, Again! Brice was great at getting us in the field. I cannot say enough about how he keeps everything going smooth. I met Dave and Josh for the first time and these two fellows were as nice and helpful as can be. Over 4 hunts, including one with my wife, I have met over 20 other hunters from all over and always have had wonderful times. I'm scheduled for March with one of my grandsons and look forward to many others. If you are looking for a place for hog hunting this is it, no surprises, it's all as advertised and the experience is beyond what you imagine!

Brandt Flowers

Brandt Flowers

Spring 2021 - St. Louis, MO

I can say without a doubt that Dos Plumas is top notch. Brice was great and made sure that we had a great experience. This hunt was reasonably priced, the facilities were excellent and it's definitely worth a return trip. I also enjoyed meeting the other hunters and getting to hear their experiences after each hunt. You can bet that I’ll be telling my friends about Dos Plumas Ranch!

L. Cottam

April 2021 - Price, Utah

myself, my son and grandsons had a great time. Brice is a great guide. We'll definitely be back.

Leonard Simoneaux

Leonard Simoneaux

Winter 2020 - Athens Tx

Another great guided fishing trip with Allen Williams on Lake Athens. If you’re looking to have a great time fishing on Lake Athens Allen can put you on some good ones.

Glen Stebbins

Nov 2020 - Albuquerque New Mexico

Thank you guys for a great hunt. My father and I came out in Nov 2020. My father had always wanted to hunt wild pigs, but had never been able to. He is in his late 70's and can only walk short distances with a cane. Brice was AWSOME!! He got Dad right up to his blinds, helped him in and out of the vehicle and with his gear. Dad not only got two hogs, but we had a GREAT time! Thank you all SO much!!

Tom Leedom

Tom Leedom

Fall 2020 - Colorado Springs, CO

Dos Plumas (Brice and Allen) never disappoint, our 4th visit in the last 2 years and another perfect weekend. My son finally got to get his first hunt in (thank you Brice for rescheduling him twice so he could make this hunt). Attached is the drone video of a pig shot on Sunday. See you next April.

David M

Spring 2020 - Trent, TX

Absolutely amazing hunt. You cannot find a better outfitter for the money! Our guide Josh is A true American hero. He was humble and personable. Me and my party wanted to try spear hunting a hog. Josh and the guys put us in a position to succeed. I’m still amazed on how great this place was. If you want to hunt some hogs this is the place to go!

Gill Gilliam

Gill Gilliam

Fall 2019 - indianapolis

My wife and I did a 2 day hunt last October and had a wonderful time. Bagged 4 hogs on the first day. The fire pit was very cool and the lodge was just what to expect, comfortable. Bryce was a great guide and a fine person. We pan to do a hunt annually at Dos Plumas

Kurtis Schaub

Spring 2021 - Great Bend, Kansas

This is our 4th trip to the ranch. Every time it has been great! Josh was our guide this year and did a great job! Bryce has been our guide in previous years and also does a great job. There are no hidden surprises at Dos Plumas just lots of hogs, nice people and nice accommodations!! We are already booked for 2021. Thank you Allen, Bryce and Josh

John B Ardans

Winter 2020 - CHANDLER

I have been wanting to hunt for wild boars for some time and last year my buddy and I hunted Dos Plumas for the first time. While I have been told by many people that the large boars are not fit to eat I took Allen's advice and made breakfast sausage and it was amazing. Before we left last year we reserved our spot for 2020. Just got back to Arizona and once again had a great experience. Already booked for 2021.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson

Winter 2020 - TOPEKA KANSAS

Hunting was great as usual! Third time and it’s always amazing! Brice is the best and the Texas hospitality is SRS it’s finest. If you are looking for a hunt designed for the working man. Comfortable but still Mother Nature...look no further. You’ll be back

Scott Luter

January 2020 - Morrilton AR

My friend Terry and I drove in from Arkansas, about nine hours. It was well worth the time and money! Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Lori and Freckles the dog. Both treated us very well. After a very nice visit with them, we unloaded our gear. I cant say enough about Josh, Lori's son, who was our guide and all around camp dude. He worked very hard to make sure we were comfortable, as well as seeing plenty of hogs. Josh took all the hunters out in the morning and evening, as well as picked us all up. While we were all hunting, Josh was busy at camp. Once we were picked up, Josh worked skinning the hogs, sometimes until pretty late. He was up and ready to take us back out early the next morning. My friend Terry shot the biggest hog I have ever seen (He got video), but we did not find it. I was lucky to fill my ice chest. You will not find a friendlier place to go, and for the cost you cant beat it. The Dos is a place we plan on returning to. I highly recommend Dos Plumas, if you are looking for a place to go!

Kris Bohanon

Kris Bohanon

January 2020 - Monticello

5 star for sure couldn't have asked for a better experience. Went down with 3 of my buddies, seen tons of pigs, we each shot around the 200lb mark. Josh wasd our guide, he was great and did everything he could to help get us on pigs. A few of us paid to have Josh skin and quarter and another did his own. We were down January 9th/10th 2020. Weather was nice. We stayed in the bunk house it was everything you needed just bring your own food. We are already planning another trip next January, can't wait to go down and do this again. I am in a wheelchair and they did everything they could to make my trip as enjoyable as possible, thanks again Josh for everything you did! You were a great guide and you helped make our trip a very memorable!

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

December 2020 - Trent TX

We just got back from a two day hunt at Dos Plumas. There were six of us including three generations. It was a great experience. Three of my grandsons took their first ever big game animals. This was my fourth TX hog hunt and by far the best. We plan to go back again next December. This is a well run operation. Bunk house is comfortable and equipped as advertised. Bryce was running our hunt and he is one hard working conscientious guy.

Grant Burns

Grant Burns

Winter 2019 - Des Arc, Arkansas

I have been here 4 years in a row and have never been disappointed. I’ve taken 2 different breeds of ram and 8 hogs over my 4 trips of being here. I have seen an incredible amount of hogs and other game. Can’t wait for my 5th trip. Brice gives hospitality like no other.

Terry Poirier

Fall 2019 - Colorado Springs

Dos Plumas is the BEST! My 5th hunt, last week, and it was the best...and the other 4 were GREAT too! Hunting was fabulous!I got the biggest hog I have gotten so far. It was the first "up-grade" hunt I've done and it was worth it! As always, Brice was incredible in every way! He does it all. He gives everything he's got to make the experience terrific for everyone! Thanks for another GREAT time. I will be back in February

David Colley

Fall 2019 - Arlington Tx

Just finished a fine hunt at Dos Plumas ranch and had a great hunt. Saw large selection of hogs on ranch and plenty of shot opportunities. I took two good hogs. The bunk house was the clean bunks were comfortable. Kitchen had everything you need to cook your meal. They provided everything they advertised and at a fair price. Best hog hunt for the dollar I have found. This be great place for a family hunt. I will be back to hunt again and highly recommend them for a hog hunt.

Chris Sommerville

Great Hunting Experience

I cannot tell you how great it was to finally meet you both. I have to tell you that after staying at your ranch that in my 33 years of hunting all over the world I have never felt like I was part of the family regardless of where I hunted, until I got to Dos Plumas. You have both worked hard to ensure that everyone that comes to the ranch not only leaves with harvesting their animals but to ensure they are family. Everyone I met there was on their third, fourth or fifth hunt with you. You have only been open for three years!!!! If people will drive to you from over 1700 miles away to hunt with you again for just a weekend speaks volumes about how you run the ranch and treat everyone there. Lori’s great hospitality and cooking is a big draw also, I never left the table hungry!!! The cobbler is EXCELLENT!! The bunk house is more than comfortable and a fantastic setup. While hunting there I saw game every time I went out. Not just some game but over 100 hogs at a time, Fallow, Black buck, Rams and Buffalo. I have never seen so many game animals at once in a low fenced area. Big hogs several were over 250+ LBS. It tells me you manage your property well. Your ranch hand, Roger, even though he is young knows your ranch and game animals like the back of his hand. He worked his butt off to get me onto the great hog and ram I took. He is polite, smart and has an bright future ahead of him. Tell him good luck with the Alpaca hunting!!! hahaha I can see why once you have been to the ranch everyone comes back, because your family and it is home. The one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the hunt was over way to quick and I had to leave, but there is next time. Again… Thank You for a super hunt and great experience. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. P.S. Thank you for your unwavering support of our military and their families, You all are truly great Americans.

Randy Aldridge

Best Hog Hunting in Texas

Allen, just a short note to thank you for the great Texas hospitality and another great hunting experience at Dos Plumas Ranch.

I had the time of my life. Being able to harvest all the animals that I booked was unexpected, but a dream come true when it happened! Tell Lori that the food was super … beyond expectation … Let Rodger know that I will be back next year and I look forward to seeing him around camp … maybe he can stay with us next time or even join me in a hunt … great kid, knowledgeable tracker and an all around great guy … You have the greatest hog hunting ranch in Texas and the best people working around you. Looking forward to next year’s hunt … Thanks again Dos Plumas Staff …

Robert Gibson

Had the time of my life!

Allen and his help are world class! Great bunk house, Texas hog hunting and hospitality! Went on a hunt with in-law for a hog and upgraded to a ram and wild boar hunt and harvested both! There aren’t many people that understand the joy and magic of hunting with a bow like Allen does! Match that and his ability to be a guide, and you are in for the best hunt of your life! Thanks again Allen!!!

Ben Brookhart

Thanks to Allen and Lori for a great week of Texas hog hunting.

I brought my employees down for a hunting trip and was not disappointed. We had great hunting, accommodations, and some fine Texas cookin! We killed three Rio’s, three hogs, a Spanish goat, and a nice four-foot rattlesnake. Most of all we had fun with the relaxed atmosphere provided at the Dos Plumas Ranch. Allen went out of his way to accommodate us. Thanks again for a great time! We look forward to hunting with you again in the future.

Thanks, Ben

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